Description: Each guest and client of our service is entitled to receive a discount on all directions of exchange (with the exception of exchange directions, which do not inсlude service fee, that is carried out without the Commission, in 1: 1), for other areas of exchange are discounted immediately after registration Online exchange service. Total There are 6 levels of discounts.

Calculation of discounts: Discounts increases with the number of committed exchanges and depends on the total amount of all the exchanges, the greater the total amount of committed exchanges (exchanges without 1:1 Commission considered in calculating the discount, but the discount are not affected), the greater the discount . The maximum size of the discount is 0.5% of the amount of exchange.

Individual approach: If you plan to carry out exchanges at once large amounts (from 5000 USD), write to the operator in an online chat, and he give you a discount of 0.5% once, the operator must inform your email address used during registration, or login to the exchanger.

Table discount levels:

• Level 1: 0.05% – available after registration

• Level 2: 0.1% – with improved exchanges totaling more than USD 500

• Level 3: 0.2% – with improved exchanges totaling over 5000 USD

• Level 4: 0.3% – with improved exchanges totaling over 10000 USD

• Level 5: 0.5% – with improved exchanges totaling over 20000 USD

If you have further questions about the discount system in our e-currency exchange service, please contact technical support in any convenient manner from those at the site, the operator will answer you as soon as possible.